Dr. Maliha Hameed

I am proud to say that the Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine, that stands unparalleled in its high standards of imparting quality education, is my alma mater. Knowledge, indeed transcends education and the walls of this school. To me success is defined as knowing we have the power to do anything we set our mind to and then working hard to accomplish our goals. However here we had a high degree of academic excellence. Difficult subjects became manageable and tedious subjects became entertaining, all thanks to the commitment and perseverance of our devoted faculty. The esteemed faculty has instilled in us the zest to learn, the aptitude to succeed and the creativity to make a difference.

Furthermore in order to maintain high standards of educational excellence AIDM runs in close collaboration with the world renowned Karolinska institute, Sweden. I along with my colleague, Saqib, had the privilege to represent the Institute as part of a Student Exchange Program at this prestigious institute. From pursuing education from a different perspective and a new influence of ideas to experiencing a foreign culture, the trip was surely an opportunity of a life time to remember!

Keeping mind that we have all completed a journey and as soon as we depart from the gates of Altamash institute of dental medicine, we will begin a new journey as alumnae. Know that we are privileged and blessed to be here. A message to my juniors that when you get the chance thank whoever stood by you through your journey. On your journey as new Altamash institute alum you will continue to have experiences that will define who you are, for time guarantees continuous experiences and growth, during which things will not happen when you want them to or how you want them to happen. Without a doubt, where you are now is not where you will be in the future.