Admiral Asif Sandila

It is heartening to see that Altamash Institute has grown and progressed tremendously within a short span of ten years into one of the premier dental colleges in Karachi. It speaks volume of the dedication and the hard work put in, both by Altamash Institute, and the University of Karachi.

I am particularly delighted to learn that graduates from this Institute are in the vanguard of medical profession to seek higher education at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in the country as well as other prestigious institutions like Karolinska Institute Stockholm, Sweden.

I hope the current and future graduates of Altamash Institute will continue to strive on this noble path and bring laurels not only to themselves but also to their country to which they owe so much. I am confident that in the years ahead, as more students graduate from Altamash Institute, it will expand its sphere both horizontally and vertically to benefit a larger segment of our population and bring home cutting edge knowledge and clinical skills currently being practiced in the developed world.

I am particularly pleased to note that apart from conducting its day to day instructions, the Altamash Institute is also engaged in ‘Community Dentistry and Charity work in the localities of less privileged segment of our society and in enhancing awareness about oral dental hygiene in the public sector schools. These activities are indicative of Altamash Institute’s concern and sensitivity towards sufferings of the poor in our society and is truly worthy of our whole hearted praise and appreciation.

I am happy to note the faculty and management of Altamash Institute is alive to the need of continuous improvements in view of rapid advancements in the field of Medicine all over the world. This obviously needs evolving of new strategies and concepts. I wish them all the luck in their endeavors for such improvements.